Feng Shui and the Locked Phase

What is a Locked Phase? A few schools of feng shui call it “the Imprisoned Star” and in Master Sang’s school we allude to it as a “bolted” phase….It is a cycle that each house must experience sooner or later. Much the same as a specific time span in a lady’s life, when she should experience menopause, the Locked Phase of a house will be a time period when the negative parts of a house are bound to impact the inhabitants. On the off chance that a house type is now inclined to mishaps, sickness, or contentions – at that point the Locked stage will exacerbate it the escape room southampton

To what extent DOES THE “LOCK” LAST?

The longest Locked Phase will keep going for a long time. There are additionally yearly bolts that recurrent at regular intervals. Furthermore, there are even month to month bolted stages, yet most specialists don’t concern themselves or their customers with a negative period of such brief length. In any case, a case of a month to month lock may be experienced as a “terrible month.” Perhaps in that month there could be disease or a reduction in salary.


On the off chance that a house is in a “People Lock” it could exacerbate a difficult marriage, it could make it hard to get pregnant, or escalate a specific issue related with wellbeing or connections. On the off chance that a house is in a “Cash Lock,” at that point the salary of the tenants could diminish gently to fundamentally or add to a vocation related aggravations.

At times a house can be “bolted” for cash and for individuals simultaneously or in successive years. For instance, a house which faces West and inherent the 1950’s was in its 20-year Money Lock from 1984-2003 and over it, in 1997 that equivalent house was likewise in a one-year People Lock.


Regardless of whether a house is bolted for cash or for individuals and whether it is in a 20-year lock or only a one-year lock, the cure is the equivalent: the tenants must have the option to HEAR and SEE coursing water. Indoor and open air water falls can be very compelling in diminishing the impacts of the bolted stage.

o You ought not discount purchasing a house in a one-year lock since it will be over in a year or less!

o A house that is simply starting or in a 20-year lock may not be the best decision as a result of the span of the lock.

o Theoretically, setting drinking fountains or aquariums anyplace in the house where you can see and hear them will “open” the lock; be that as it may, there will be a few areas for water that will be superior to anything others dependent on the vitality examples of every zone of your home.

o When does a house enter the multi year lock? It is diverse for each house type.

Some will enter a twenty-year lock not long after being constructed, while other house types may not encounter a 20-year lock for at least 40 years after it is assembled. A house has a noteworthy cycle that traverses 180 years and eventually in those 180 years, there will be a 20-year cash lock and a 20-year individuals lock.

o A house or building which has voluminous cascades, pools, or aquariums may not encounter the bolted stage by any stretch of the imagination.

o A house directly on the sea shore with the sight and sound of water as a consistent piece of the living background, may not encounter a bolted stage either.

o The Locked Phase is explicit to the house. The tenants don’t cause the bolted stage.

o The Money Locked Phase will effectively clarify why a business may succeed for various years and afterward experience battles during the bolted time span.

o The People Locked Phase for a business can add to representatives not getting along or potentially a high turnover of laborers and absence of dedication or a work environment tormented with tattle.

o The bolted stage can be comprehended as an extra layer to the fundamental feng shui of the house, which convolutes it except if cured.

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